March 18 – Secondary Closure – Lorna Herzog

Dear secondary students and families:

I know you’ve received an official email from our PCS superintendent, Mr. Lewis, to let you know of the Ministry of Education decision to halt K-12 in-person classes for now. I’ve received some questions from students who feel confused by the different ways this is being reported by media, so I wanted to send some clarification and reassurance.

For clarity: we have to stop meeting in person for classes until further notice (no official end date has been given because they need to see how the COVID situation evolves).

For reassurance: teachers will keep supporting student learning. The school year isn’t over, so students aren’t just getting final marks now. Students are assured that their teachers will support their learning so students can advance (or graduate) as expected – in spite of such unexpected times!

Right now, we hear new messages each day about how things are changing in our local community and around the world. This is uncomfortable and disconcerting, and it can cause us to feel anxious. I was reading Exodus 16 yesterday, which tells the story of the Israelites learning to trust God daily for manna. It’s worth taking some time to read and reflect on the story and how God might speak to us through it – it even addresses toilet paper hoarding 🙂 For those who’d rather watch, here’s a sketch summary.  

When school starts after the break, it will look different. You’ll get information about what your teachers are setting up to help students and their classmates keep learning together.  Please reach out if you have particular concerns. Admin, teachers, and counselors are available to offer support.

Until then, I hope you can enjoy a break! As we say at the end of our chapels: May God bless you and keep you …

Mrs Herzog

Lorna Herzog
Secondary Principal

Pacific Christian School
654 Agnes St, Victoria, BC V8Z 2E6
(250) 479-4532 ext 105

Educational Excellence to the Glory of God