I Am The Walrus.  Not my favourite Beatles song but certainly an interesting one.  A summer camp colleague of mine loved that song because of the line, “I am the egg man.”  In his younger days he used to deliver eggs – apparently a formative experience in his life. 

Experiences that form us, define us and refine us are ones that we remember throughout our lives.  I’m guessing many of us are going through that type of experience right now.  Although maybe a little soon, it’s exciting to think about looking back on this time and saying “remember when.” 

At the same camp as the egg man, many evenings we would practice a version of the daily Examen as a staff team.  It was a new ritual for me and allowed for reflection on my day, more specifically, my walk with God that day.  This part of my history had a formative result on my current experience of God.

During the secondary staff team meeting today, the Examen was mentioned as one potential method for us to help continue to engage our students with a living faith, even in a season of remote learning.  Perhaps some of you will experience this ritual with your child(ren) and begin to develop some new insights into paying attention to God’s work in our lives.

While we walk through the next months together, I pray that you, parents, staff and students, would experience a fresh sense of God’s presence and have new, recent, refining and defining moments of God’s goodness and grace.  When you reflect back on this time in a few years I hope that part of this formative time includes stories of how you and your community grew in faith and awareness.

Blessings on the journey ahead.

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