April 2 – Elementary School Update

Hello families,

We hope you are doing well this week; a week unlike any other after spring break. Some of us were back on campus this week (while maintaining appropriate distance) while others are working from home. Regardless of their location, teachers are putting in significant work to prepare classes for the students. 

A few points for the coming days: 

1. Student Emails and Google Classroom
Teachers have been working exceptionally hard to plan for continued learning in our physically distanced context. As a first step, they are today opening Google Classrooms and inviting students to join. The invitations will be sent to each student’s PCS email account. Every student has a school email account that begins with the student’s 4-digit student number and has this basic form: 1234@pacficchristian.email 

Grades 4 – 7 should know their student email as they have been accessing it all year. Please ask your child to check their student email to find their Google Classroom invitation.

Grade K – 3 will not know their student email as they have not used it before. Teachers will be sending you an email with your child’s email account and password. Once you receive that email, please sign in to your child’s email and you will find their Google Classroom invitation.

For all students K – 7, If your child does not know how to access their PCS email, or has forgotten their password, please contact their homeroom teacher. Similarly, if you are not able to access their Google Classroom by following these steps, please contact your homeroom teacher.

The hope is that all students will be able to accept the invitation to join their classes by Friday, if not sooner.

 2. Homeroom Websites
Each homeroom has a designated website. Please visit www.mypcs.ca/online/ and look for your child’s class. You are able visit the teacher’s site from there to see a welcome message and further information about remote learning.

3. Supply Pick Up
Parents are welcome to come and pick up their children’s school supplies during the following times from the elementary gym.

  • Monday, April 6, (9 am – 11 am; 12 – 2 pm)
  • Tuesday, April 7, (10 – 12 noon, 4 – 6:00 pm)
  • During these times, there will be guided elementary gym access that will observe current distancing protocols. The rest of the school remains closed. Teachers have prepared a bag of supplies and school work for each student. These supplies will be organized by family name so that all work is in one place. The gym will be organized alphabetically by last name. When you are in the gym, look for last name and initial to find your children’s packet; there will be staff there to assist you.
  • We ask that only 1 person per household come to pick up school supplies. There will be staff monitoring how many people are in the gym at a time.
  • Please line up in front of the mezzanine and follow the appropriate social distancing guidelines of 2 meters distance. Cones will be placed in the parking lot to assist with this. 
  • exit will be through the south lower doors of the gym. Our playgrounds remain closed to access.

You will be able to sign out a Chromebook in the gym during this time, if you requested one via the parent Survey. If you did not complete the survey, please contact elementary@pacficchristian.ca

4. On site protocols
As I’m sure you’re aware, we are to abide by the requirements of the Provincial Health Officer and Public Health Agency of Canada. As you plan for your pick up, we’d ask that you observe the following:

• Do not come to the school if you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, if you have had contact with someone with Covid-19, or if you have travelled internationally in the last 14 days.

• While on school property, individuals must follow physical distancing guidelines by maintaining at least 2 meters between themselves and others at all times, even where no cones are placed in the parking lot.

NOTE: There will be no washroom access available during this time.

Thank you everyone; these are challenging times, and our sense of community and ability to support each other are absolutely essential. 

Paul Turkin – Elementary Principal

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