F is For Foundation

Foundations of Math 10*, taught by our Director of Learning and others, is one of many “foundational” courses.  Much is built on this course which itself is building on the foundations of earlier classes and even by parents counting toes and other things with their toddlers.  Part of the joy of teaching is seeing students build on these types of foundations.

Faith is something that we talk about as being foundational.  “Built on the Rock” and other similar expressions come out of scripture passages like Luke 6 where Jesus talks about houses with a firm foundation not being shaken (Luke 6:46-49).  Perhaps you know the actions of ‘Sunday school’ songs from this passage.

PCS families are currently living in different scenarios than they had anticipated a couple of months ago.  Yes, they’ve had some fun together and perhaps they’ve worshiped together while their churches are closed but, the reality is that for many, this is now a time of frustration.**

Frustration can come out of the fear of the unknown.  We don’t have clarity about the next few months.  We don’t know what our finances are going to look like.  We’re feuding with our siblings, parents and children over those annoying little habits that usually aren’t a big deal. 

Frustration can be healthy.  It’s growing out of love for others and self and the human nature to be worried about the security of our next steps.  Is it because we have a shaky foundation?   With Christ as our foundation, no.  We might have a lot of challenges from our past that rise to the surface in times like this but, we know that we serve a trustworthy, risen Saviour and have a God who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Does that make the current time easier?  Hopefully a little.  We pray that, as families and as a community, we can focus on the hope that the future brings.  Let’s continue facetiming or picking up the phone to call a friend.  Let’s send emails and DMs to encourage others.  Let’s drop notes of encouragement in the mail.  Let’s be that hope to others as we all seek to continue living and loving on a firm foundation.

Blessings on the journey ahead.

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* for the record, I believe all of our courses and classes are foundational and help prepare students for future learning and service.  The work of all teachers is incredibly foundational! The name of this course just happens to jump out for this piece ?.

** It’s also exciting to hear of many families being at great peace with each other and experiencing growth and maturity as they bond.  More on growth coming under “G”

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