April 6 – Message from the PCS Board Chair

If you’re like me, these past weeks have felt like months. Through March we watched as our lives and society changed daily in ways we never would have expected. I finally gave up trying to predict what will happen next as things had already moved well beyond what I could have anticipated.

The impact of these events on PCS has been significant. Within our community there are struggling businesses, those who have lost jobs and the stress of mentally dealing with the changes effects us all – parents, staff and students. Day-to-day learning is now taking a different path and many highly anticipated activities and events have had to be postponed.

Prior to and through Spring Break, the Board has been in close contact with school leadership, who have worked tirelessly to adapt our educational program for online learning. Our teachers are being challenged in how to best provide educational value as well as the continuation of emotional care for our kids. Our Vision – Educational Excellence to the glory Of God, and Mission – Nurturing students in Christ like living, critical thinking and joyful service, remain the same.

While there are still challenges to overcome, we trust in a God who has provided for PCS for almost 60 years and we are confident that he is faithful to his promises (1 Cor. 1:20).

As parents, we make sacrifices to send our children to a Christian school. Why do we do this? There are many reasons. For me, it is primarily about having my kids learning from a Biblical perspective and being taught by Christian teachers. Although it may look a bit different for the time being, the current events have not changed this and our family’s commitment to Christian schooling remains a journey over the long term.

Through this time, I would ask you to please pray for PCS and our community. For families under financial strain, for our children who have had their routines and social contact up ended and for our staff who have been asked to modify their entire teaching methods. As believers I hope we can be quick to support each other and see the needs of our neighbours.

On behalf of the Board we thank you for being part of PCS and your commitment to school.

God bless,
Philip Slater
PCS Board Chair

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