I is for Individualism

“Individualism in North America is evident by the way we drive our cars.”  When my grade 10 Urban Geography teacher made that statement, I didn’t really know what it meant.  It was obviously going to be on a test and somehow it got put in the ‘for some reason I still remember this’ drawer in my brain. 

Teachers are like that.  They’re influential and have a significant, long lasting impacts on the lives of children.  As individuals, they wield substantial power in mentoring and guiding in their learning spaces.  But, what happens when the entire world pivots and learning spaces don’t look like the typical four walls that so many of us are used to?  As individuals, we can become disoriented and lost.  As a community, we can ground each other and move together.

This week I had the honour of sitting in devotions with over 60 PCS elementary staff in on-line meetings with the express purpose of committing the day to God’s direction and serving together.  We reflected on the passage in Romans 8 and talked about how nothing can separate us from the love of God that is Christ Jesus our Lord! 

This week I had the honour of catching a small portion of an on-line devotion with over 40 PCS secondary staff where a retired staff member joined to talk about serving a God who is big enough to help us in our weakest moments.

This week, I also had the honour of meeting on-line with staff from over 25 different Christian schools as we talked about how to manage and grow the missional aspect of Christian Education in a time of remote learning and crisis.

Individualism is a wonderful thing.  We are each created uniquely and we each fill a unique role in our communities.  But, we are called to community with others and the triune God.  My meetings this week involved a host of talented individuals, all Christ-followers serving together for a common, communal good – the nurturing of your children. 

It’s Good Friday.  Christ’s sacrifice is for each of us as individuals and as community.  May you experience that community this weekend!  May we be grounded in Christ’s love for us.

Blessings on the journey ahead.

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