April 13 – PCS Weekly Bulletin #4

Some Easter Musings:
As I move through the liturgical year, I often ponder what a particular time of the Christian calendar is speaking into the journey I find myself in. I find the Easter liturgical journey especially challenging as it moves us from Palm Sunday and the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem through Maundy Thursday and the Last Supper, to Good Friday (Crucifixion), and finally Easter Sunday and the Resurrection. For me, it seems a week filled with a cacophony of emotions. From the excitement of Palm Sunday to the sombreness of Good Friday, to the emotional mess of early Easter Sunday morning. I know we celebrate the triumph with a “He is risen, indeed!”; but on early Sunday itself I suspect I would personally have been left in more of a “what does it all mean?” kind of state. I think the depth of understanding and excitement would follow. (I suspect I like Thomas might have had to see and touch).

In many ways my musings around Covid and PCS have brought me through a similar journey – especially compared to the final few days of Holy Week. I find myself moving from a place of darkness to one where hope has begun to break through; but right now, I still find myself with at least one foot in “what does it all mean?”

I’ve found it helpful as I consider PCS and where we find ourselves to ponder what comes next in the resurrection narrative. In Corinthians, Paul notes that Jesus appears first to Peter, then to “the twelve”, then to five hundred at one time, then to James, to “all the apostles” and last to Paul himself. Ultimately through these appearances and conversations, Jesus’ disheartened followers are transformed from a dispirited group into one which is able to receive and live the Great Commission.

For PCS as we journey through Covid, I wonder what it looks like to move from the despair of loss (Good Friday) and “what does it all mean?” (early Easter Sunday) to a group renewed to live out our calling in the Great Commission (Resurrection) in new ways. I still wonder what it means; but I know if we are to be successful in this journey, we like the disciples will need to encounter the risen Christ and just like them I suspect for many of us it will take some time. He is risen indeed.


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Darren Lewis

A Few Notes:

Food Hampers
There are people in our community offering food hampers. If your family is in need and you would like to receive a hamper, please contact either elementary@pacificchristian.ca or secondary@pacificchristian.ca.

Social Media
We’re looking forward to sharing the story of living out our mission to “nurture students in Christ-like living, critical thinking and joyful service to be faithful citizens in God’s world.” We’d encourage you to follow along on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Essential Service Workers
We’re excited to be able to support Essential Service Workers in our community through providing care during regular school hours. The program begins this week. If you have not indicated a need for support and are an ESW, we encourage you to contact our staff via email.

Emergency Tuition Assistance
PCS was one of the first independent schools in the province to offer Emergency Tuition Assistance as one part of our response to the pandemic. If you have suffered a significant decline in income due to job loss or work stoppage, assistance may be available. The application is currently active. To be considered for assistance prior to May payment, applications must be received by April 24. We are encouraged that many have contributed to support this fund as we journey through this as a community. Please note that if you applied during April, you will need to reapply for the remainder of the school year.

We have created a PCS Financial FAQ for those who are wondering about the impact of Covid on our income and expenses and steps PCS has been taking to confront the financial challenges we face.

Darren Lewis

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