Kindness Changes Everything

Apparently “K” is a funny letter. That’s certainly an Anglo-centric observation but it’s why the word Tuktoyaktuk makes us smile!  So, I guess today we should smile as we think of K for Kindness.

In late February, we celebrated Pink Shirt Day with the students. This year’s theme was “Lift Each Other Up” and the secondary students had the honour of hearing from one of the original founders of the movement.  It’s a great example of the difference you can make through simple, small actions…which sometimes turn into large movements!

Several years ago, our pink shirts had the slogan, “Bullying Stops Here.”  Although noble, noteworthy, and something we strive for, the new and lasting slogan of “Kindness Changes Everything” is a more positive spin on the movement. 

Today we’re seeing a myriad of big and little acts of kindness as we collectively lift each other up.  In my neighbourhood there was an email offering yeast from someone’s surplus and emails of offers to pick up items from the grocery store.  In the evening, we hear pots banging on balconies and we see hearts hanging in windows.  There have been offers of food hampers and much, much more.  Even our Canadian government and taxation system allows for supports for individuals and businesses – ultimately an act of kindness.  What examples of kindness have you seen in our society lately?  This is a unique opportunity to celebrate.

Let’s not be naïve.  We’re not perfect.  However, we are working to cut back on our selfish ambitions and allow God’s Spirit to develop the fruit as described in Galatians 5: 22-23.  Kindness – there’s no law against that…just do it from a distance right now!

As the Spirit works in us, let’s work on the fruit of the Spirit – individually and collectively.  Let’s smile – not because K is a funny letter but because kindness does indeed change everything.  Even, and perhaps more so, in a time of crisis.

Blessings on the journey ahead.

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p.s. are you reading these posts – any feedback on what resonates or doesn’t – or a favourite letter?