April 16 – Elementary School Update

Hello elementary families,

We are now in week 5 with a different version of school, and I know that we are all experiencing it in a diversity of ways. You have now adapted as you alter, in earnest, the task of supporting the education of your children, and there has been learning on everyone’s part as we’ve moved forward. Thank you so much for working together with us as we have walked this road. It has been a significant undertaking, and we have so appreciated your prayers and encouraging words.

With Google classrooms established, the elementary administration has started the task of formulating and implementing remote learning guidelines for our teachers. As we move forward, we’ll continue to support our teachers in their learning, and we’ve identified key areas we can effectively build online: literacy, numeracy, the sciences, physical health and social-emotional learning, and faith formation. These guidelines will also include the addition of music and PE in the coming week.

One of our priorities will be to watch the pacing of our online classrooms, and be cognisant of feedback from our families to their teachers; we know that school is important, but we also know you are juggling what your home looks like now, your own work situation, and the lives of your children. We’ve also begun welcoming the children of Essential Services Workers in the elementary and would continue to encourage you to contact us if you need that support.

We know that in all of this change, we are bound together as members of PCS. In order to continue to maintain our connection, we are asking you to share videos or pictures of what you are doing in and around your home. We’d love to see your children learning, sharing their art or physical activity, accomplishments they are proud of, or anything else would otherwise have been shared in the classroom or parking lot conversations. You can share these to the PCS Facebook or Instagram page, my Instagram page at pcs.elementaryprincipal, or your own social media using the hashtag: #ThisIsMyPCS or #PCSremoteLearning

As well, the elementary is working on making sure we can still have ‘chapel’; as soon as we can, we’ll send out information regarding that.

Thank you again families; you are in our prayers, and we entrust our community and coming days to the One who holds us in His hand.

I leave you with James 1:17

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

Paul Turkin
Elementary Principal