L is for Love.

“Love, let my nightmares turn into dreams.  Love, let the angels into my sleep.  Love, let the spirit fly out of me.  Love, let my love inside go free.”

These are lyrics from the song, “Free” by Indie band, Mother Mother.  A friend introduced me to their music recently and, although not for the faint of heart and probably not used in devotions very often, theirs is music for a time like this.  Raw, honest, uncensored, and expressing longing for something different. 

L is for love – the word of the day and, L is for Love – the essence of the Author of all things.  Although the schmaltzy version of love often becomes the theme of songs, this time let’s focus on capital “L” love.  The Love that God models for us.

We just came through Easter – a time to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice for us all. This undeserved, unconditional love is a model for us.  Our patience might be a little short and our emotions a bit raw with all the changes and stresses of remote learning and working from home and physical distancing and hand sanitizer and the like but, thank God for modelling Amazing Love for us.  As Mother Mother sings later in the song, “Love, let my anger turn into peace.” 

“Love, let my love inside go free.”  Let’s be free.  Free to be who God has created us to be, to love as He loves, and to dream about how God can use us.  Yes, our movement is a bit limited by the current Covid 19 restrictions, but we can still fully be who we are created and called to be: those who carry Jesus’ love into the world and share it an all that we do.

God is Love – sometimes it really is as simple as that.  I appreciate the passion with which the same friend who made the music introduction for me holds to this truth.  May we, as Christ followers, breathe out this love of Christ on all with whom we travel.

Blessings on the journey ahead.

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