N is for Next…please.

That was an interesting experiment but now most of us are saying, “next.”  We are good to move on or back to normal and put the Covid 19 experience behind us. The stresses have pushed and stretched us, and we are done. Enough already.

But, it’s not quite enough yet. We’re in this for the long haul and we don’t know what “normal” will look like in the future. We are being urged to keep going, to keep thinking of others as we move forward slowly in community. Perhaps the expression, “Lord, have mercy” has crossed your lips during this time.

“’Mercy, GOD, mercy!’: the prayer is not an attempt to get God to do what he is unwilling otherwise to do, but a reaching out to what we know that he does do, an expressed longing to receive what God is doing in and for us in Jesus Christ.” Eugene Peterson – A Long Obedience in the same Direction.

At the PCS support staff small group devotion this week, attention was drawn to Philippians 4:19 where we read, “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”

As we continue in obedience it is starting to feel like a long obedience.  It’s an obedience to who God is calling us to be and it is a societal obedience.  Both are challenging and both may perhaps draw our neighbours in to an exploration of the faith to which we cling.

Stories are now circulating that perhaps we are actually seeing a desire for a new normal in the future. People are currently experiencing family evenings, a closeness, a focus on what is important and necessary. But, unfortunately the dark side of closeness is also there. People are hurting – Lord, have mercy.

 God will supply your needs, perhaps in ways we didn’t think of before. Let’s pray for the needs of the suffering and for the regular, plain old needs of daily bread.  We serve a God who does provide, who does have mercy and is with us as we strive to move on to the next chapter.

Blessings on the journey ahead.

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