May 3 – PCS Weekly Bulletin #7

Many of you will have seen the video that a number of our staff put together that features our school mascot Spirit travelling from place to place to encourage our staff in this time of physical isolation. (If you haven’t, I’d encourage you to check it out!)

When I first came to PCS I asked numerous folk I met with what were the essential characteristics of PCS. The most frequent answer by far was Christian community.

Over the next weeks, we are going to be actively engaged in planning for next year. We’ll be having significant discussions around what it means to live out our mission to nurture students in “Christ-like living, critical thinking and joyful service to be faithful citizens in God’s world” in a new normal.

There are several ways you can participate in the conversation. One of them is to attend our virtual Spring General Meeting on June 15th. I’m planning on seeking live input on a couple of key questions and am hopeful that we can have record attendance. Details on how to attend will be coming.

Another way you can be part of the conversation is to ask questions. Each week we’re responding to questions we receive from our community through a short video question and answer. If you have a question you’d like addressed, please just forward it to

This weeks video responds to:

  • Why is there not more (or less) structure to my child’s educational day?
  • Does the work my children are doing ‘count’ towards their final grade?
  • Are our grads going to be prepared for next year?
  • What does next year look like?

In the midst of this difficult time, we continue to be amazed by stories of God’s grace. We’ve been proactively phoning parents to see how their doing. While clearly there are stories of profound difficulty, there is a collective sense that God is with us in the journey. We’re working our way through the entire family list (which is going to take some time); if you’d like to be prioritized please let us know – again feel free to use the email address above.


Darren Lewis