May 11 – PCS Weekly Bulletin #8

This past week the Premier announced BC’s Restart Plan, which includes an expansion of in-class instruction. Given this announcement, this week’s Q and A video speaks directly to the implications of the restart of classroom instruction at PCS.

In broad terms we anticipate that by June 1st, PCS will:

  1. Offer in-class learning for students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 on a voluntary part-time basis;
  2. Offer expanded opportunities for in-class learning as required for students in grades 6-12 on a part-time basis;
  3. Continue to provide support for online learning.

Over the next week we will be planning for the safe return of students to our building. In this regard, we have been advised that additional information around expectations and procedures (including safety and cleaning protocols) will be released by the Ministry by the end of this week.  As we receive more information and develop a more detailed picture of what the transition back towards the classroom looks like, we will provide additional updates.

Important Survey of Parents/Guardians of Students in Grades K-5

To facilitate our planning process, it is very important that parents/guardians of children in grades K-5 respond to a survey we’ve created about return to school. Planning for 50 children returning is very different from planning for 400 and we want to ensure that we resource both ongoing online learning and in-class learning as effectively as possible in a way that honours needs and preferences. We understand that your decision to have your children return to school may be dependent on details we don’t have yet (such as the exact hours school will be in session). We’d ask, however, that based on the assumption of a partial return you indicate the likelihood that your children would take part. If your answer is contingent on specific days or times, please feel free to indicate this in the comments section of the survey. Also, PCS plans on continuing to support learners who remain home during June. Please note, however, that restarting classroom instruction will likely involve some shuffling of teacher assignments to accommodate the range of responses we receive. We will do everything we can to minimize possible disruptions.

Survey Link

Thanks for your continued support and graciousness.Blessings

Darren Lewis