Monday Morning Minute – Aug 10

As PCS moves towards fall reopening, we’re committed to at least two ongoing formal/scheduled communication formats.
1. Lewis’ Lens – a video that will discuss issues related to school and reopening. We’re going to try and keep each video under a few minutes. Each episode will be a Q and A format. Feel free to submit questions.Released each Friday afternoon.
2. Monday Morning Minute – an email (this post) designed to be readable in a minute or less (although there may be links to longer documents). Each will provide updates regarding reopening and where you can go for additional information.

Some Quick Thoughts:
As a school, PCS is committed to open and timely communication with our community. The Minister’s end-of-July announcement regarding return to school provided both lots of information and left many questions. Our leadership team continues to meet and have conversations about how best to implement restart in September. Frustratingly, we sometimes feel the rules keep changing and what we thought we understood in early July seems out-of-date in early August. Sadly, this seems likely to continue as we journey to the other side of the Pandemic.

Despite the uncertainty, one thing we keep returning to is “what does it mean to be a Christian school in this context?”  Our mission to “Nurture(ing) students in Christ-like living, critical thinking and joyful service to be faithful citizens in God’s world”and the calling we have to be living witnesses to the Good News continue to provide our grounding and purpose.

I would encourage you to review the timelines and information below. I look forward to seeking to answer the many questions that have been raised through our weekly videos. I suspect many of our answers will at least initially be more tentative than we would like. I appreciate your patience and prayers.

Darren Lewis

Some Key Dates/Timelines:

August 10 – Ministry releases Operational Planning Template for Return to School for schools to develop a return plan for approval by the Ministry.
August 17 – Ministry releases updated Operating Guidelines for Schools for Covid.
August 17 – 21 – Schools must submit plans for approval.
August 21 – 26 – Ministry reviews plans, schools begin process of communicating approved plans – including: health and safety guidelines, learning groups, scheduling and enrollment options under Stage 2 plans.
August 26 – Schools to post information on return plans online.
September 8 – School restart at Stage 2.

Key Links for Information:

  1. BC Ministry of Education – Covid 19: Return to School – the key Ministry site for guidelines around school return.
  2. Child Care and Schools – the BC Centre for Disease Control school site. Contains information on health issues related to the return. There are links to numerous topics including a discussion of learning groups and physical distancing.
  3. Worksafe BC Return to School Education Protocols – guidelines to ensure student and staff safety.
  4. PCS Covid 19 Communications – an archive of key PCS Covid communications.