Monday Morning Minute – Aug 24

With apologies that this communication missed the “morning” part of its name. Our leadership team met much of the day and I wanted to ensure that this information was as accurate as possible and negate the possible need for another email update.

Return to School Update

We have received preliminary feedback from the review of our Return to School plan. That feedback was very positive and we are expecting formal approval in the next couple of days with little or no change required to our plans. I think this reflects the great work our staff team have done over the past couple of weeks in planning the implementation of the various health and safety and education guidelines and protocols.

When will we know the details of the plan?

The Ministry guidelines require that we publish ‘the plan’ on the 26th (Wednesday). We’re planning on having the plan available on our website by that afternoon. As well, we will be doing a Q and A video with our school principals on Friday around what to expect at PCS this year.

I have safety concerns about my child returning.

We’d encourage you to connect with either Lorna Herzog (High School Principal) or Paul Turkin (Elementary Principal), if you’d like to discuss options. Schools in British Columbia have always had the ability to journey with students who have significant health concerns. The most common health concern we’ve heard raised is regarding children with immune suppression. The BC Centre for Disease Control has produced a document on Covid and children with immune suppression. If your child suffers from immune suppression, it’s a great place to start.

One of our parents who is a pharmacist also showed me a first take on a video that talks about Covid, safety and school return. She did an awesome job and we hope to be able to share it via our Facebook page over the next couple of days. 

We’re looking forward to our September start and continuing to provide “Educational Excellence to the Glory of God.” Doing so in a safe manner is at the core of all our planning.


Darren Lewis
Key Links for Information

  1. BC Ministry of Education – Covid 19: Return to School – the key Ministry site for guidelines around school return.
  2. Child Care and Schools – the BC Centre for Disease Control school site. Contains information on health issues related to the return. There are links to numerous topics including a discussion of learning groups and physical distancing.
  3. Worksafe BC Return to School Education Protocols – guidelines to ensure student and staff safety.

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