Approved Back-To-School Plan

Thank you for your prayers, concerns and feedback as we have worked to develop a back-to-school plan for September 2020. Please follow the links below to explore the plan.

As you review the documents, please remember the there was a Ministry of Education announcement today (Aug 26) that opens the door for a remote learning option. Within our capacity, we will be adding that option to the plan and also be sending a survey to PCS families on Thursday, Aug 27. We are requesting that families complete the survey by Sunday Aug 30.

The Planning Documents

  1. Summary of PCS plan – a good starting point for you
  2. The plan submitted to the Ministry of Education – in the format required by the government
  3. Provincial COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for K-12 Settings – a 34 page document that is referred to heavily in our plan (#2)
  4. BCCDC Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings – an 18 page document that is also referred to heavily in #2

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