A Few Secondary Details

There are links to information for grade 8-12 under “secondary” on this “myPCS” website but, we thought we’d highlight some of the pertinent information for you.


Reminder that Grade 10-12 schedules are available for pick-up in the office. For students who aren’t able to pick up their schedule before Wednesday, Sept 8, they will be available Wednesday morning when students arrive for school.

Grade 8 and 9 families will receive an email letting them know their child/ren’s Humanities/homeroom teacher. Teachers will go over the rest of the schedule with Grade 8 and 9 students on their first day at school (Tuesday morning orientation for Grade 8s; Wednesday morning first period for Grade 9s).

The regular secondary school schedule is on myPCS.ca/secondary

Health & Safety

Students are reminded to stay home if they have symptoms listed on the daily health check. At school, masks need to be worn in all indoor spaces. Students should continue to wash or sanitize their hands regularly and avoid crowding and physical contact.


We have built in a new “Connect” block into the schedule this year to ensure that all of students have a consistent place of connection throughout the school year. Grade 8 and 9 students have this connection with their Humanities groups; Grade 10-12 students will meet in cross-graded groups.

The intention is for this to be a time to connect staff and students in a fun way that promotes a sense of belonging and supports wellness. Additionally, this will be a time to work in smaller groups to accomplish learning and academic requirements not tied to specific courses. We look forward to the ways our Connect time will help us “nurture students in Christ-like living, critical thinking, and joyful service.”

Hallways, Lockers, and Lunch

Hallways will be used for movement between classes and for locker access. Because we must limit crowding, socializing and eating will not be permitted in passage hallways. While the weather is good, students should plan to eat their lunch outdoors.

This year, all students will be assigned a specific locker. For Grades 9-12, this will happen on Thursday, Sept 9 so, students who have school-issued locks should bring them that day. This will happen at Grade 8 orientation for the grade 8 students.

Night League Basketball

Although not an official PCS activity (it’s a rental) – Night League is a Victoria City Basketball League that has served the PCS community for many years.  It provides an opportunity for basketball skill development for participants and community development for families.

Gabe Kremler is a volunteer who organizes players, coaches and teams for this program. The Victoria & District Night League season runs from Oct. to the end of Feb. There is normally 1 game per week, and 1 practice per week. Games are held at a variety of gyms in the Greater Victoria area, while practices are held at PCS. Night league is inclusive for Grade 4-9 students. For information, contact  Mr. Kremler: gkremler@gmail.com

All School Standards for School Dress

PCS is a community in which many people, aged 3 to 65+, come together to learn. As we gather, we ask all community members to dress in a way that is appropriate to a diverse learning environment. Regardless of age or gender, members of the PCS community are asked to:

  • Please dress in a way that promotes your dignity and the dignity of others. Please avoid clothing or jewelry that objectifies others, has foul language, or promotes discrimination, violence, crime, sexual acts, or alcohol/drugs.
  • Choose clothing that covers the chest, midriff, and bottom from the front, back and sides. Please note that tight muscle shirts, tight tank tops, and tube tops should not be worn as outer garments at school.
  • Wear shoes or other appropriate footwear in all common spaces (gym, halls, classrooms).
  • Choose clothing that allows you to participate comfortably in all activities throughout the day; this may include working at a sitting or standing desk, working on the floor, and working in specialized spaces, such as labs, shop, and kitchen. Be sure to follow specific dress requirements for safe work in specialized spaces.

Questions or concerns about these guidelines should be addressed to the administration.