School Restart Jan 2022 (2)

As most of you will be aware, this week the Ministers of Health and Education jointly announced that schools (both public and independent) will be returning to classes on a graduated basis in January. Most students will return to classes on January 10th. Further information regarding return on the 10th will be forthcoming next week.

In-school support during the week of January 4-7 will only be offered on a limited basis and requires preregistration.
To qualify for registration, children must:

– be under the guardianship of a healthcare worker or a worker in other essential public service fields. 
– have complex physical or health care needs as identified through their Individual Education Plan.

– not have other reasonable alternatives for care.

If you qualify and would like to register your child for Jan 4-7, please use this link.

Please note that registrations must be completed by the end of day Sunday January 2nd as leadership staff will be meeting Monday January 3rd to plan for the week based on the required need for support. As well, a final determination as to what bus services will be available will be made then based on need.

Please be aware that support during this week will be limited. The Government has mandated that we use this time to prepare in case of a need to pivot to online learning. It is also hoped that more students will use this window to be vaccinated.

Darren Lewis