Commencement 2022

We’re looking forward to seeing this year’s grad class celebrate their many accomplishments.

Celebrate with us on Wed, June 22, 2022!

Preliminary Commencement Ceremony Information – May 2, 2022

Parent Organized Celebrations

The next step in our collective adventure is to get the back-packs for the graduates for the June 23rd All Night Dry Grad Event. At the same time the back-packs are dropped-off Banquet Dinner & Dance Tickets can be picked up. Here is the plan:

Where: PCS Parking Lot (in front of secondary school seating area)
When: Tuesday June 21 6:00pm 8:00pm
What: Drop-off Back-Pack and Pick-up Banquet Dinner & Dance Tickets 

Packing List: Labelled Back-Pack with:

  • Change of Clothing (layers as they will be inside and outside)
  • Hoody and/or jacket
  • Running Shoes and SOCKS (and optionally beach flip flops)
  • Bathing Suit (No Towel necessary) 
  • Labelled Empty Water Bottle (filling station will be available)
  • Personal Toiletries, if desired (Deodorant, Toothbrush etc.)
  • Phone Charger (and Playlists if wanted)
  • Bags for formal wear, including shoes – ALL LABELLED Please 🙂

We recommend labeling as much as possible – please and thank you.
Cheers – Hollis, Tammy, Trish, Jill, Janiene, and Alicia

We finally have a confirmed time for the legislature picture: Thursday June 23rd 3:45pm. Thanks Trish for being persistent with getting this confirmed! Please ensure your graduate arrives by 3:30pm. 

For first time graduate families, it is customary for many to  arrive early or stay late to take family pictures on the lawn and around the building before or after the formal legislature picture. 

Please note – The legislature is open for tourism that day so there may be others milling about if you come early. On the flip side there are no other schools scheduled around us so that should make it amazing for parents to view this year. 

We also have a photographer available for families to have their pictures taken too – look for the balloons 🙂

Thank you to those who have sent photos already- keeners :). Love it. 
On May4th  a slide show of rolling pictures for dinner was mentioned. If you have photos of the graduates – group shots would be awesome – you have snapped over the years, please send them to this email address at your earliest convenience by Friday June 17. THANK YOU!

Keep an eye on your email for important GRAD Updates…we are so excited for our kids!
Blessings,PCS Grad Committee,Hollis, Tammy, Trish, Janiene, Jill and Alicia 

Questions about the parent organized celebrations? Please email

Blessings – Thank you! 
PCS Parent Grad Committee