Please enjoy this series of short videos answering some common questions from parents about PCS and Covid 19.

This week: It’s the first week of school. We’re so glad to have the students back!
This is the last regular Lewis’ Lens but we will still publish them periodically.
Thanks for tracking with us.

This week: Technically this isn’t a Lewis’ Lens edition but, we walked around with a camera and asked staff what they are doing protocol wise for Covid 19. It seems like they’ve all got it down! Wow, we can’t wait for students to be back in the building.

We also found our principals and superintendent and put them on the spot.
3:08 Mrs. Herzog
6:02 Mr. Turkin
9:23 Mr. Lewis

This week: Camryn and Jordan, a couple of grade 11 students, ask Mrs. Herzog all sorts of questions about back-to-school for grades 8-12.

(These are clickable time links if you open the video in Vimeo)
1:33 What time will school start and end?
2:50 What will the classes look like and how many will there be? Homework?  Schedule? Lunch?
4:35 Will learning groups be the same class to class?
7:25 Will masks be mandatory?
8:05 Will there be chapel? Open gym at lunch?
8:55 Will sports be happening this year? Phys Ed classes?
9:55 …think about outdoor clothing
10:25 What will grade 8 look like?
11:07 Lockers? Bathrooms?
11:35 Lunch? Concession?
11:52 When will schedules be available?
12:32 What about home ec (Foods and Nutrition)?
12:45 Are there study blocks?
13:44 Are our International students going to be here?
14:14 Are there directional hallways still?
14:54 Are trips happening?
15:25 What will grade 8 orientation look like?

This week: The Back To School Plan (high level…to be approved still)
0:00 – What’s behind the plan? (Be Calm, Be Kind, Be Safe)
2:54 – The Elementary plan and Secondary plan
4:53 – What if I’m still uncomfortable with the return to class? (call the Principal starting Tues)

BCCDC link to school information:

Toronto Star Article:

This week:
1. What will return to school look like for Elementary students and families?
2. What will Elementary learning groups look like and how does that impact safety?
3. When are we going to hear more?
4. When is school going to start?

This week:
1. What is “stage 2” going to look like in September?
2. Please explain learning groups, density and distancing in this stage.
3. What about band and sports in Stage 2?
4. What is the communication plan and timeline for the next little while?

This week:
1. What’s happening at the school from June 1 – 19?
2. What about the financial concern around tuition for 2020/21?

This week’s questions are around returning to part time classes on June 1:
1. What will the classroom configurations be? What will the days look like?
2. Will we maintain the homeroom structure?
3. How does this connect to remote learning?
4. How are we ensuring the well-being of students and staff? What cleaning will be happening?

This week:
1. When is the school opening? The May 6 gov’t announcement sounds like soon?
2. What does this mean for staff?

This week:
1. Why is there not more (or less) structure to my child’s remote educational day?
2. Does the work my children are doing ‘count’ towards their final grade?
3. Are our grades going to be prepared for next year?
4. What does next year look like?

This week:
1. Why Google classroom? What about other technologies?
2. Has the school accessed government assistance programs?
3. What about staff layoffs?