Please enjoy this series of short videos answering some common questions from parents about PCS and Covid 19.

This week:
1. What is “stage 2” going to look like in September?
2. Please explain learning groups, density and distancing in this stage.
3. What about band and sports in Stage 2?
4. What is the communication plan and timeline for the next little while?

This week:
1. What’s happening at the school from June 1 – 19?
2. What about the financial concern around tuition for 2020/21?

This week’s questions are around returning to part time classes on June 1:
1. What will the classroom configurations be? What will the days look like?
2. Will we maintain the homeroom structure?
3. How does this connect to remote learning?
4. How are we ensuring the well-being of students and staff? What cleaning will be happening?

This week:
1. When is the school opening? The May 6 gov’t announcement sounds like soon?
2. What does this mean for staff?

This week:
1. Why is there not more (or less) structure to my child’s remote educational day?
2. Does the work my children are doing ‘count’ towards their final grade?
3. Are our grades going to be prepared for next year?
4. What does next year look like?

This week:
1. Why Google classroom? What about other technologies?
2. Has the school accessed government assistance programs?
3. What about staff layoffs?