We very thankful for the amazing new staff members that have joined the PCS team this year. Please scroll down and meet them below as they gave us answers to three questions:

  1. What is your position at PCS?
  2. How do you spend your time?
  3. What inspires you about PCS?

Jenine Basaraba

I am an Educational Assistant ins grade 2 at the Elementary school.

I love to hike and bike.  I also love gardening, being outside is my happy place. I also like to travel with my family. 

What inspires me about PCS is the kindness and care I see between the staff to each other as well as the students. I find Heidi’s emails inspiring and love that I’m working in a school that we can incorporate our spiritual lives in our work.

Meaghan Brown

I’m a Secondary School Educational Assistant, who sometimes helps with English Language Learning.

I enjoy painting, sewing, and natural photography. I also love to do Gluten-Free baking. I spend a lot of time with my friends and family. I enjoy exploring new hobbies all the time. I’ve also spent several years studying Japanese and want to try learning Korean as well.

I’m inspired by the teamwork in assisting students no matter what their needs are.

Ashli Gerard

Grade Two teacher.

I love spending time with my family ( husband and twin daughters) discovering all Vancouver Island has to offer; hiking, swimming, exploring etc. I also love to play the piano and read biographies.

I am inspired by the servant hearts of the staff at PCS. They truly care about everyone they interact with and are always willing to go the extra mile! I am also inspired by my amazing 2B students who keep me on my toes, put a smile on my face and make it easy for me to come to work day after day! 

Julia Haazen

Learning Support Services Coordinator – Secondary School

 I enjoy baking, reading, drinking tea, going for coffee with friends, and being outdoors.

As a PCS grad returning as a staff member, I am inspired by the diversity that PCS represents and its continued desire to be a place where all students find a place to belong.

Angela Jordan

Administrative Assistant – office in the Elementary building.

I love to read, watch movies, go for walks with my family, and camping! 

I am inspired by the deep community that comes out of PCS and how people are inspired to not only enroll their children after they’ve attended themselves but also work here and serve here and truly be apart of the community as a whole. 

Leah Littler

Elementary Educational Assistant

In my free time I like to cook, bake, hike, and garden. My family has a farm, so my favourite things to cook and bake involve fruits and veggies which we grow on the farm.

The thing I like best about PCS is the emphasis on belonging and community.  We were created to be relational beings, and I believe belonging and community are important factors in learning and growing into who we were meant to be.

Alejandro Lozano

I am an Educational Assistant at the Secondary school at PCS.

I spend my time learning. I like to be stimulated so I try to learn new things everyday.

What inspires me about PCS is witnessing how the teachers live their vocation as disciples of the Lord Jesus by preaching the Word, in deeds and in speaking, to the students, through their practice as teachers.

Andrea Loussarian

Educational Assistant for students in grade 8.

I enjoy watercolour painting, walking, traveling and drinking coffee with friends.

I am inspired by the love and encouragement shown by teachers to the students as i participate in their classrooms. I have seen God’s love reflected in so many ways!

Lehm Maguire

Secondary School Educational Assistant

My work time is spent helping students one-on-one, typically with math. 

The PCS community feels healthy and mutually supportive. 

Sharon McCulloch

Grade 1 Educational Assistant

I love biking, reading books and drinking tea.

I am inspired by the way the teachers and staff walk out their faith and values every day. It shows in their interactions with students and each other, and I feel deeply blessed to work in such a beautiful environment of respect, honor and love.

Gavin McGhee

I am an Educational Assistant at the Secondary school at PCS.

In my free time, I enjoy making food and sailing a boat! 

I’m inspired by the community and culture at PCS.

Beth Rancourt

 I am an EA in Grade 1 (Ms Rand’s Rangers).

 I love to read, go for walks, meet friends for coffee, play piano.

I love how the PCS staff support each other and how staff listen well to students and nurture them.

Stacy Rice

Grade 5 Teacher on the Elementary Campus.

I spend my time eating good food, doing fun activities, and enjoying the company of the people I love. Most recently, I’ve been spending the majority of my time with my new puppy.

I am inspired by the love and dedication of the staff at PCS. 

Zuri Spelt

Secondary Spanish Teacher (grade 9)

I lake playing videogames with my husband, biking, walks with my puppy, reading and knitting or crafting.

I’m inspired by the supportive PCS community.