Welcome to the PCS Student Opportunity Fund – a program designed to help you raise funds in support of various student opportunities.




The concept is simple.   As you purchase a variety of cash cards from the school for specific businesses, you earn a % to support your child’s school activities.  You can also designate the earnings to other children and families or to “where most needed.”   Eligible activities include the SALTS trip, sports teams, ski trip, gym strip, Grad activities and more (basically anything you would write a cheque to PCS for except tuition).

The following local business are participating:
Thrifty Foods: 7%,  Save-On-Foods: 7%,  Fairway Market: 7%,  Country Grocer: 7%
Quality Foods: 5%,  Red Barn Market: 9%,  Christian Book and Music: 9%

One percent of sales is used to pay for the SOFund program costs.  For example, if you earn 9% on $100, your family account will be credited $9 and $1 will go to cover the costs of the program (the stores actually give us 1% more discount than what is shown above).

We use an online ordering system to submit your order to the Advancement Office.  You can then send your payment via your student.  The online system frees the volunteers from re entering your information and helps prevent data entry errors.


Orders are due at 12:30 pm as follows (2023-2024 School Year):


Order Due Date (1:00 pm)    Available for pick-up   
September – Tuesday, 12th Wednesday, Sept 20th
October – Tuesday, 10th Wednesday, Oct 18th
November – Tuesday, 7th Wednesday, Nov 15th
December – Tuesday, 5th Wednesday, Dec 13th
January – Tuesday, 9th Wednesday, Jan 17th
February – Tuesday, 6th Wednesday, Feb 14th
March – Tuesday, 5th Wednesday, Mar 13th
April – Tuesday, 9th Wednesday, Apr 17th
May – Tuesday, 7th Wednesday, May 15th
June – Tuesday, 4th Wednesday, June 12th

How do I know my SOFund balance?
We keep track of that in our handy-dandy database.   You can check your balance by clicking on and logging into the “Parent Portal”  (there’s a button on the bottom of our school webpage too).  You need to click on your family name in the “Related Contacts”section to see your balance.

Using Your SOFund Funds:
This SOFund withdrawal cheque can be submitted to the appropriate teacher/coach etc to use your SOFund funds (there are three “cheques”on one page).



You can also order cards directly from FundScrip and have them sent to your home.  We will credit your SOFund account for the amount you earn with your purchase. FundScrip uses regular mail so you will be charged for the stamp for a maximum order of $500 and 4 cards.  Click here for an information sheet on how to sign up for direct FundScrip ordering.  Please note that our group invitation code is 6QK8MB.

Thanks to the SOFund team for making this happen!