WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2024          


HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL:  Please join us in the gym at lunch on Thursday for some fun activities and food to celebrate the many different ways that Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese families celebrate the Spring Festival. 

REPORT CARDS  were handed out  in your CONNECT class on Friday, and may be picked up during your Connect class today.  Please return the signed report card envelopes to your homeroom teacher or the office by MONDAY next week.

SUPER FANS: Grade 11/12 students who want to be a part of history as the Senior Girls basketball team goes for gold, bring your PERMISSION FORM and $30 CHEQUE to Mrs. Stewart anytime TODAY. Tomorrow, it opens up to everyone! Reserve your spot today! The title match of the Provincial Championship title is Saturday, March 2, 2024. Details of travel will have to be confirmed as tournament play happens, but SUPER FANS will go over to Langley Event Centre on Saturday, March 2nd (possibly on the 11:00am ferry), go crazy for the championship, and then likely return on the last ferry that night.  Go, PACERS!

GRADE 8s:  If you played on a grade 8 basketball or volleyball team this year, come and get your team photo taken in the Foods room at lunch on Wednesday (today). Thanks.

YEARBOOK CLASS:  Remember to come to class Thursday to finish up your pages.  Pages will be submitted on Friday.



ULTIMATE FRISBEE TEAM:  if you would like to be part of our Ultimate frisbee team, please come to a meeting at lunch on Wednesday (today) to get information.  Sign up with Mr. Stewart .

GIRLS SOCCER: Tryout #2 is tomorrow from 3:20pm to 4:45pm at Glanford. Those in Girls Basketball who wish to try out… this will be your only day to attend a tryout due to provincials. Please join us for the first half of practice. Questions… connect with Mr. Webb or Ms. Hein. If you can’t attend, please communicate to the coaches.





  • March 15 – Horatio Alger Awards – (entrepreneurial, undergraduate, trades/vocational, financial, and indigenous focused awards are available with varying criteria) –  apply directly to the organization 

Please go to the Career-Life 12 Google classroom, click on “Classwork” and go to the Scholarships/Bursaries section for information about each of these and details on how to apply. Questions? See Mrs. Price! 



  • GRAD FORM: Please complete the grad form as soon as possible. Donuts coming soon!   Submit your grad message, baby photo and name preferences ASAP.  There may be a doughnut in it for you!

    GRAD GOWN INFO, ETC:  Please complete the Grad Google Form with information on grad gown measurements, yearbook write-ups, and legacy quotes. The form is due Wednesday, Feb 21st. Submit it on time, and receive a SIDNEY BAKERY DONUT at lunch.

    ATTN GR 12:  check the Career-Life 12 Google classroom as a number of scholarships have been added. Click on “Classwork” and then scroll down to “Scholarships”. Keep checking back online as more will continue to be added! Questions? See Mrs. Price.

    POST-SECONDARY APPLICATIONS: Many university application deadlines are coming up very soon…double check application deadlines now and get started in advance to ensure you don’t miss deadlines!  The application deadline for most programs at the following universities are: 

    • University of Calgary and University of Alberta – Mar 1, 2024


    • Mar 15 – Horatio Alger Awards – (entrepreneurial, undergraduate, trades/vocational, financial, and indigenous focused awards are available with varying criteria) –  apply directly to the organization 



Please pick up an item at the office





o All students who park at PCS please complete a Student Driver Registration form available at the office.

o Always operate your vehicle with extreme caution in the parking lot & along Agnes St; it is a school zone.

o Do not drive straight through from Agnes Street  to the lower parking lot behind the gym, please follow the traffic patterns.

o Overflow parking is available at the Horseshoe Club parking lot off of Kenneth Street.

o No Parking in the His Kids area beside the Church.  No Parking in the Pre-School parent pick-up parking zones outside the pre-school.

o No parking on all of Hess Street, all of Copper Ridge Lane & CopperField Lane.  Residents may have your vehicle towed.

  • No parking in the  garden parking lot on Agnes Street

CONCESSION 4200 CARDS:  Students may pay using cash, or with the ‘4200’ cards which they may purchase from the Secondary office for $40 (actual value is $42 at the Concession only). Reminder: Concession is closed on Thursdays.

STANDARDS FOR SCHOOL DRESS PCS is a community in which many people come together to learn. As we gather, we ask all community members to dress in a way that is appropriate to a diverse learning environment. Regardless of age or gender, members of the PCS community are asked to:

  • Please dress in a way that promotes your dignity and the dignity of others. Please avoid clothing or jewelry that objectifies or makes fun of others, has foul language, or promotes discrimination, violence, crime, sexual acts, or alcohol/drugs. 
  • Choose clothing that covers the chest, midriff, and bottom from the front, back and sides. 
  • Wear shoes or other appropriate footwear in all common spaces (gym, halls, classrooms). 
  • Choose clothing that allows you to participate comfortably in all activities throughout the day; this may include working at a sitting or standing desk, working on the floor, and working in specialized spaces, such as labs, shop, and kitchen.
  • Be sure to follow specific dress requirements for safe work in specialized spaces.



The Lost and Found is located under the stairs near the Gym Doors.  

To report a missing or found item, send details of the item & contact info to: prior to 8:40 am
All found tech & valuable items are kept in the office.  A detailed description is required to view the item prior to release.




STUDENT SCHEDULES – Revised September 2023 Block Schedule 2023 – 2024